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Whatever It Takes The weather outside is unpredictable, and homeowners in Georgia and Alabama count on their cooling and heating system to help them sustain a comfortable, healthy and safe indoor environment. At Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, our experience and extensive training helps ensure that every new HVAC system we install will operate quietly and efficiently through many years of reliable service.

AC Repair and Service

At Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, customer service is an ongoing commitment that continues long after your HVAC system has been installed. Our extensive heating and air conditioning service department is well staffed, and our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools. We know how frustrating it can be when a unit is broken down and the service provider cannot be located. We maintain a full staff of NATE certified mechanics that respond rapidly to every service inquiry no matter how extreme the outdoor weather may be.

HVAC equipment contains a variety of complex moving parts, and every system will eventually malfunction due to age or accumulated wear. When a heating or air conditioning repair job is necessary, our techs will quickly locate the source of the problem and rapidly restore your unit to full functionality. We are always mindful of our presence in your home, and we strive to maintain a low profile as we complete the necessary repairs.

hvac_bryantAt Watley Heating & Air, we’re proud of our years of service to the Columbus and Phenix City areas and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning needs.


Watley Heating & Air Conditioning is an experienced HVAC contractor offering a full array of heating and air conditioning services to customers in Columbus, GA, and other nearby communities. No matter how severe the outdoor weather may be, we help keep your indoor environment comfortable and healthy.

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We invite you to learn more about our comprehensive installation, repair and maintenance services by contacting one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. They will answer your questions and connect you with the appropriate person in sales or service to arrange an appointment if necessary.


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Furnace and Air Conditioning System Installation

Before purchasing new HVAC equipment, it is critical to locate a licensed contractor who is well versed in every aspect of the heating and cooling installation process. The proper implementation of modern air distribution science can have a significant impact on overall comfort and economy.

Prior to selecting and installing your new equipment, we use advanced load calculation metrics to establish the exact capacity requirements for each room in your home or office. Our in-house designers engineer every system to conform to the rigid standards of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual J. These complex formulas account for structural features such as insulation, windows, building orientation, duct leakage and perimeter tightness to enable HVAC contractors to select the right size equipment for any home or building. A reputable air conditioning service pro would never select equipment options until they have assembled a comprehensive set of load calculations.

Dealers who use the outdated “square feet per ton” sizing method typically oversize the equipment to avoid complaints during extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, equipment with excess capacity will usually short cycle, which can result in poor air movement, drafts, degraded humidity control and high utility bills. This practice can also shorten the life of HVAC equipment and lead to the need for more air conditioning repair service in the long run.

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