Georgia and Alabama winters can be unpredictable at best. Having a reliable heat pump or furnace can help keep the interior of your home comfortable and healthy no matter how chilly it gets outside.

Before you purchase a new furnace or heat pump, however, it is important to locate a heating contractor who is experienced and knowledgeable in every phase of heating repair, installation and maintenance. Watley Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving home and business owners in Columbus, GA, and nearby communities since 1978.

Heating Equipment

When selecting equipment, most consumers choose an air source heat pump or a forced air furnace since both appliances provide exceptional performance and low operating costs. Equipment choice is often influenced by local fuel availability, cost, climate severity and the efficiency characteristics of the building. What many homeowners don’t know is that modern furnaces are available in efficiencies up to 98.5 percent and that heat pumps deliver a highly efficient, viable option for both heating and cooling. Here’s a look at both types of systems:

  1. Furnace: Modern furnaces use an intermittent pilot or hot surface igniter to start the burn process. Gas or fuel oil is routed through specially designed burners, and the heat energy is transferred through a stainless steel or cast iron heat exchanger. When the temperature is sufficient, the furnace blower begins to draw cooler indoor air over the heat exchanger, and the warmer air is pushed through the air distribution system back into the building.
  2. Heat Pumps: Heat pumps include reversing valve technology to provide both heating and cooling from a single unit. Unlike furnaces, heat pumps simply transfer heat energy rather than burning fossil fuels. Since heat pumps extract energy from the ambient air during the winter, the efficiency of the unit can decline if temperatures reach an extreme. A qualified heating contractor can add an electric strip to provide emergency heat when necessary.

The Heating Installation Process

A successful HVAC system installation is tied directly to the knowledge and skill of the heating contractor. Proper pre-installation design helps ensure the system will have sufficient capacity to keep your home warm and comfortable even on the coldest days of the year.

A new furnace installation begins with a complete evaluation of job site conditions and modifications to the plans where necessary. For retrofit applications, this includes examining the duct network to locate any gaps, breeches or leaky connections. Every furnace or heat pump is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and we test each unit to confirm it performs to our engineering standards.

Heating Repairs

A broken heating appliance can raise health and safety issues, especially for young children and the elderly. At Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, we have a strong commitment to service that is demonstrated by our continued investment in manpower, vehicles, inventory and training.

Once inside your home, our NATE-certified and factory-trained technicians use the latest diagnostic tools to locate faulty parts and complete the necessary repairs. We offer 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year for critical failures, and the invoice we submit will never exceed our final estimate.

Superior Heating Services

Watley Heating & Air Conditioning can tailor a heating system to meet your specific budget and performance requirements. We invite you to contact one of our comfort specialists to learn more about our complete array of heating products and services.