When temperatures rise, a dependable air conditioning system is a necessity in order to keep the interior of your home cool, healthy and comfortable. When properly serviced and maintained, advanced air conditioners are designed to operate economically through many trouble-free cooling seasons. Like modern automobiles, today’s air conditioning systems are exceptionally efficient when compared to units manufactured just over a decade ago. In fact, if you replace an outdated 10 SEER air conditioner with a new 16 SEER system, you can save up to 38 percent in monthly cooling costs.

The Importance of Proper Design

The secret to successful AC installation is a professional design based on sound engineering principles. At Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, our designers establish the load requirements for your home and each individual room to ensure the equipment capacity is perfectly matched to the application. ACCA Manual J is the accepted HVAC industry standard and accounts for a variety of structural efficiency characteristics including insulation levels, windows, doors, perimeter tightness and duct leakage.

Contractors who continue to rely on “rule of thumb” sizing formulas when selecting equipment should always be avoided. The vast majority of consumer complaints relating to inadequate comfort and high energy bills are the direct result of improperly sized systems.

Watley Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are highly trained to use proper load calculations to make sure we match our customers with the best possible system to meet their needs and budgetary requirements. Your satisfaction and comfort are our business.

Equipment Installation

After you have selected your new air conditioning equipment, our factory trained and NATE certified mechanics will begin the AC installation part of the project. On new construction jobs, we verify that plans match the jobsite conditions. Rough-in specialists install the ductwork according to ACCA Standard 5, which conforms to all national, state and local building codes. During the completion phase, the units are set, and we will charge the refrigerant lines and make all of the final electrical connections. When the equipment has been calibrated and tested, we verify that each room is receiving the appropriate amount of air flow.

For retrofit applications, we remove the old equipment and recover the refrigerant. Our technicians carefully inspect the existing air distribution system to identify obstructions, gaps or breeches. A substandard air duct system can degrade efficiency by up to 20 percent. After we complete any necessary ductwork modifications, we will install your new equipment and verify it performs to design specifications.

Maintenance and Repair Work

Our commitment to customer service continues throughout the life of your equipment. We offer a wide array of air conditioning repair and maintenance services that were developed to help keep your system operating at peak performance over an extended lifecycle.

We have a full staff of experienced technicians and a fleet of dependable service trucks. Our field employees carry the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, and we warehouse a variety of belts, motors and electrical components to ensure expedient repairs when they are needed. When an air conditioner breaks down, our tech will rapidly locate the source of the problem and affect the required air conditioning repairs. Our trucks are stocked with many common components, so we fix most systems in just one trip.

The Best in Air Conditioning Sales and Service

Watley Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to serve Columbus, GA., and surrounding communities, including Auburn and Phenix City, AL, while providing the best in air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance services. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the many benefits of a modern, efficient heating and air conditioning system.