HVAC systems rarely draw attention when they are functioning properly and maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Unfortunately, most equipment failures tend to occur when the weather is severe and local contractors have their heaviest backlog.

For many homeowners and businesses, a fully operational heating and cooling system is a necessity. The elderly and small children are particularly vulnerable, and the effects on climate-sensitive industries like information technology and healthcare can be catastrophic. If your system unexpectedly malfunctions, it is important to hire a heating and cooling contractor who offers 24-hour emergency service and is skilled in every phase of the HVAC repair process.

Simple Fixes for Emergency Situations

If your unit fails during extreme weather, remain calm and check some common issues that are easily correctable:

  • Power Source: In many instances, the power source is the cause of the service interruption. This is often due to a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. Always have a ready flashlight for breakdowns that happen at night, and immediately disconnect the power if you smell something burning.
  • Pilot Light: Older gas furnaces do not have an electronic ignition, so the pilot light may self-extinguish, especially if the orifice has narrowed due to an accumulation of grime. If the pilot light is out, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to restart the appliance.
  • Thermostat: In digital models, the batteries may need to be changed. When the thermostat reaches the set-point threshold, you should hear an audible “click” as the relay engages. If this does not happen, your thermostat may need to be replaced.

Responding to a Service Call

If a simple fix does not solve the problem, it is time to secure the services of a qualified HVAC service contractor like Watley Heating & Air Conditioning. Time is critical when your system has malfunctioned and requires an immediate repair. Your heating and AC dealer should have a service department with sufficient manpower, inventory, equipment and vehicles to address many different HVAC repair jobs simultaneously.

At Watley, a service technician in on call 24-7, and we strive to respond to every repair inquiry in a timely manner.

The Repair Process

When our NATE certified technicians are dispatched to your home, they use advanced diagnostic tools to quickly locate the source of the malfunction. We stock many common parts on our service vehicles, so most jobs are completed in just one visit. Once your equipment is restored to full functionality, we calibrate the system for maximum efficiency and document any other areas of concern.

Better Performance with Regular Maintenance

To minimize the chance of a catastrophic breakdown, we suggest purchasing a comprehensive maintenance plan. On a seasonal basis, our technicians visit your home or office and perform a variety of critical services designed to optimize performance, lower operating costs and discover hidden problems before a critical component fails.

A Commitment to Emergency Repair Services

Watley Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to providing complete HVAC repair, installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers in Columbus, GA, and nearby communities. We’ve proudly served the region since 1978.