The weather in western Georgia can be severe, especially in the summer when the temperature is high and the humidity is oppressive. Winters, too, can offer more than a few chills that demand heating equipment that’s running at peak performance levels. Making sure your new home or business is properly equipped to handle changes in the weather should be a top priority.

At Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer complete new construction HVAC services. That means our highly trained and certified technicians can work with you or your general contractor to design and install just the right system for your building project.

Great Performance from Proper Design

Most homeowners thoroughly research efficiencies and options before purchasing a new HVAC system. The build quality of the unit is important, but the knowledge, skill and experience of the installing contractor will have an even greater impact on operating costs, longevity and comfort. A substandard design or improper installation can have a significant negative impact on system performance.
Quality HVAC contractors recognize the importance of establishing the total load for the building and each individual room. At Watley Heating & Cooling, our designers engineer each new system according to the guidelines outlined in ACCA Manual J and Manual D. These calculations account for a wide array of structural elements including:

  • Envelope tightness
  • Building size
  • Total duct leakage
  • Climate history
  • Insulation values for walls and ceilings
  • K-value of doors and windows
  • Occupant produced loads

Regrettably, some contractors continue to use outdated sizing formulas when selecting equipment. This includes the “square feet per ton” method, which treats buildings with the same square footage in an identical manner, regardless of differences in construction.

Oversized systems often short cycle, which can result in stale air zones, uneven temperatures, higher utility costs and poor humidity control. Installing high-tonnage equipment is more expensive, and oversized systems force homeowners to pay for capacity they will never use.

Perhaps worse, undersized equipment often does not have the ability to satisfy the indoor load when the temperature outdoors is severe. Excessive runtime places additional stress and wear on vital components and can ultimately lead to premature equipment failure.

A Successful System Installation

Once your new system has been selected, we begin the installation phase of the project. This includes a visit to the job site to determine if the mechanical plans actually reflect the construction conditions. Measure and draw services ensure that the ductwork, plenum and other air distribution components fit properly when installed. During the rough-in stage, our mechanics make sure the ductwork is positioned properly, and each connection is sealed and strapped. Finally, the refrigerant lines are run, and the pad is laid.

As we approach the completion phase, the units are set, the final connections are made, and the system is charged with refrigerant. Our technicians verify the equipment is performing to the manufacturer’s specifications, and we balance the registers for better air flow.

Years of Dependable Comfort

Watley Heating & Air Conditioning continues to provide complete HVAC repair, installation and maintenance services for customers in Columbus, GA, and the surrounding area. We invite you to contact one of our friendly customer care specialists to learn more about the many advantages of owning a modern furnace or air conditioner.