Oct 06 2014


With the advent of fall, it may be a wonderful time to reflect on everything you love about living in the south. The season is perfect for enjoying the Columbus, Georgia, Riverwalk or heading out on a geocaching expedition while enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Delve into the history of the area at the National Infantry Museum or expand your understanding of the galaxy at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. The options are endless, and there are many reasons beyond these activities to love living down south in the fall.

Southern Food and Hospitality

Georgia exemplifies the best in hospitality as you enjoy friendly conversation and an abundance of sweet tea and local dishes. Fall favorites may include pumpkin-themed cakes and pies. You’ll also love anything featuring Georgia peaches, and visiting those who have their own trees may lead to sampling of cobblers, preserves, and more. Fall picnics are perfect for enjoying fried chicken and friendly competitions. While life in upĀ north may allow similar activities, the much cooler temperatures require heavier apparel during those fall gatherings.

Mild Temperatures

Because temperatures in the south are higher than those in up north, fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities. From enjoying seasonal sports such as soccer and football to exploring outdoor gardens, woods, and waterways, the South invites residents and visitors to enjoy nature’s best. You can even allow the outside conditions to influence your inside atmosphere by opening windows and doors to air things out.

Longer Growing Seasons

The fall months in the south are perfect for those who love fresh produce. Warmer temperatures allow for a longerĀ harvest season, making this the time to enjoy that final burst from your backyard garden. You can also stock up on local produce at area farmers markets for freezing and canning. Up north, your gardening efforts would draw to a close much sooner, and your harvest would be minimal because of the short growing season.

Lower Heating Bills

Heating activity kicks into gear much earlier up north, resulting in high energy usage and bills. While heating may be necessary in the later fall months in the south, the later onset of cold temperatures allows your home comfort budget to breathe during the pleasant temperatures of the season. It’s important to be equipped for efficient heating so that you aren’t surprised by an unexpected early cold snap, but you can expect the heating season to be far shorter than your neighbors in more northern locations.

Remember, one of the most important fall activities for your home is a tune-up for your heating equipment. This can contain heating costs and head off heating repairs during the colder temperatures of late fall and winter. As you enjoy the beauty of the area, the lack of a need for heating and cooling activity makes it easy to forget about your HVAC system for a few months. However, remembering to have your equipment inspected and cleaned can ensure that when heating activity is finally needed, your system will be ready for the job.

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