Sep 21 2015

Humidity levels during the summer months in Georgia can range between 70 and 80 percent. This impacts comfort levels both inside and outside because humidity makes conditions feel warmer, especially during hot weather. As you deal with these issues, your home’s cooling system works on your behalf to normalize indoor humidity levels. However, you may want to pay extra attention to your air conditioning drain pan during this time to avoid any unpleasant leak issues.

Condensate Liquid Management

As your air conditioning system moves refrigerant through the evaporator coils, condensation is promoted. The refrigerant becomes extremely cold due to pressure changes, which allows the material to absorb heat from the air in the air handling unit. Heat is also absorbed from circulating moisture, which causes that moisture to condense on the coils in which the refrigerant is contained. The condensate liquids drip into the air conditioning drain pan and are pumped out of the area through a condensate line.

Maintenance of the Condensate System

Although you may be able to see into the drain pan, special equipment may be needed to access the pump and line. These components should be cleaned during a routine maintenance visit by an HVAC professional each year prior to using the system for summer cooling. This will ensure that the condensate pump is functioning correctly and that the condensate line is clear of obstructions. Additionally, the cleaning of the pan will minimize the risk of mold and bacteria developing in the air handler and affecting your home’s air supply. You can also check the end of the condensate line, which is usually a white plastic pipe that runs to the outside of your house close to where the air conditioning system sits. When the air conditioner is running it should be dripping water.

Continuing Observation of the System

As summer continues, you can make a quick note of any dirt or scum in the drain pan when you check your air filter. Dirty conditions or a water leak at your air handler warrant a service call. Watley Heating & Air Conditioning offers important HVAC maintenance services and plans for both heating and cooling equipment. Call our Columbus office at 706-561-6718 to learn more.