May 14 2014

For their high energy efficiency and effective performance, heat pumps are an increasingly popular HVAC option for households in Columbus, GA. Whether it’s a double-duty unit that both heats and cools your home or a model equipped with a backup heater for extra chilly winter nights, the secret to getting the most out of your pump lies in optimization. While the Department of Energy rates air-source and ground-source pumps as the most cost-efficient HVAC systems currently on the market, the agency notes that they require regular HVAC maintenance to sustain their high efficiency. Neglected systems can consume up to 25 percent more energy than well-maintained systems.

Optimizing Your Heat Pump

Regular maintenance is recommended for any type of HVAC system, but is especially critical for pumps equipped with reversing valves that allow them to operate year round as a heater or as an air conditioner. To maximize your system’s energy efficiency, reputable HVAC contractors follow an established set of industry standards to inspect, test, diagnose and adjust the equipment. The process includes checks of all of the system’s working parts, with a particular focus on these four important components:

  • Refrigerant Charge. The refrigerant is measured for leaks or overcharging to ensure proper system operation and prevent compressor failure.
  • Coils. Coils are inspected and cleaned if necessary to make sure they work properly in heating and cooling modes.
  • Air Circulation. Air flow is tested to identify any inefficiency caused by problems like leaky ducts, a dirty air filter or a faulty blower.
  • Controls. Thermostats, electric terminals and controls are tested to verify accurate operation.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements

The easiest and most affordable way to make sure that your heating and cooling systems get the professional care they need is to enroll in a preventative maintenance program. By signing a maintenance service agreement, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your systems will run at top efficiency in every season. Your equipment will last longer and will be less likely to need a heater or AC repair down the road as well.

How Much Can You Save?

The most common type of heat pumps are air source pumps, which the DOE reports can save you up to 40 percent on your energy bills. Even more efficient are geothermal models that draw on the thermal energy trapped beneath the surface of the earth. According to the DOE, they can lower your cooling bills by up to 50 percent and your heating costs by an astonishing 70 percent. Regular maintenance is the key to enjoying optimal savings.

When you enroll in a preventive maintenance program at Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, your equipment will be serviced before and after the peak heating and cooling seasons to ensure that your air-source or geothermal pump always operates at maximum efficiency. To learn more about our maintenance program or to request service, contact the experts Watley today.