Apr 10 2015

Today’s HVAC systems offer homeowners significant  improvements in energy efficiency and higher monthly savings. In addition, these newer brands and models are better for the environment, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re in the market for a new HVAC system, consider purchasing a Puron refrigerant system. Here, we offer a variety of options to consider when you are ready to make a decision about your new HVAC system, including long term cost benefits and installation.

A Puron System is More Reliable

Also known as R-410A (if you want to impress your HVAC contractor), Puron is a complete heating and cooling system. Contrary to a standard R-22 refrigerant, the air conditioner, heat pump, and indoor coil are all designed together as part of a Puron system. All of these parts work in concert, offering you more reliability than an old R-22 system that has separate parts that need more servicing. Although you’ll pay a higher upfront price tag for a Puron system, the long term financial savings are worthwhile.

A Puron System is More Efficient

In addition to everyday reliability, Puron refrigerant is also more efficient. When purchasing an R-22 system, you’re only able to choose one that has a seasonal energy efficiency rating of 13 (the minimum efficiency rating the government allows). With a Puron system, you’re able to purchase one with a SEER of as high as 21.

According to Energy.gov, consumers are able to save between 20 percent and 40 percent by replacing a system that’s as ‘new’ as 10 years old. The advances in technology continue to dramatically increase the SEER in newer products like a Puron system.

A Puron System is Better for the Environment

As if you needed any more reason to adopt this new technology, Puron is a none-ozone depleting refrigerant (it doesn’t contain chlorine). Not only does this mean your system would be better for the environment, but it’ll also be cheaper on your pockets because of the increasing service costs to repair old systems that aren’t good for it.

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