Feb 02 2016

Much like the first generation of computers, programmable thermostats required a fair amount of technical savvy to use when they first appeared on the market. All that’s changed now, thanks to a surge of new high-tech advancements. Today’s models are user-friendly wonders that make it easy to cut heating costs while enjoying a new level of comfort at home. When you’re on the hunt for ways to trim your household budget, a programmable thermostat offers you a money-saving option.

Maximize Your Heater’s Energy Efficiency

During cold weather, programmable thermostats save energy by automatically lowering the temperature while you’re asleep or away from home. Findings by the Environmental Protection Agency show just how much energy you can save with a programmable thermostat:

  • For each degree that you turn the thermostat down over an eight-hour period, you can shave 1 percent off your energy bills.
  • Because it takes less energy to warm homes in areas with generally mild climates, residents of Georgia and Alabama can enjoy even greater savings.
  • Running the heater only when you need it extends its service life, so you can avoid a premature replacement.

Smart Features Offer Convenience

In addition to allowing you to you store different settings for different times of the day, many modern programmable thermostats come with features that make it more convenient to optimize home comfort:

  • User-friendly features like touch screens, backlighting and clear digital displays simplify programming.
  • Wi-Fi enabled models allow you to adjust settings wherever you have an Internet connection.
  • Reminders and alerts let you know when it’s time to change the filter or schedule maintenance.
  • Customized energy efficiency readouts show you even more ways to conserve energy.

Energy-Saving Solutions

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