Jul 09 2015

As summer approaches and temperatures and humidity rise, residents of Columbus, Georgia, know that energy bills will also rise.  There are several ways to keep cooling costs down and enhance air conditioner efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Use Fans to Improve Air Circulation

Although ceiling fans do not lower temperatures, they do create a breeze that makes people feel cooler. When ceiling fans are used with air conditioning, thermostat settings can be raised by as much as four degrees without sacrificing comfort. Fans cost less to operate, and Energy Star certified ceiling fans move air 50 percent more efficiently than than other fans. This translates to more effective cooling with less energy being consumed. Fans should be turned off when you leave a room.

Use exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas with high humidity. By drawing out excess humidity, ventilation fans reduce mold growth and help keep air fresh. Lowering humidity also keeps moisture from building up on surfaces. Excess humidity can cause wood to rot and paint to peel. Make sure that exhaust fans are vented to the outdoors, not the attic.

Keep the HVAC System in Tip-Top Shape

Cleaning or replacing the filter regularly can reduce energy usage, as clogged filters impede air flow, making the compressor work harder. Regular maintenance increases air conditioner efficiency and can prolong the life of the unit. Most manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance program that includes a tune-up for the heating unit in the fall and the air conditioning unit in the spring.

Poorly sealed ducts result in loss of the conditioned air. The result is an inefficiently operating system, and high energy bills. A professional HVAC contractor can repair leaks and poor joins in ducts and registers.

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