Sep 17 2014

It’s easy to look at working equipment in your home and assume that if it’s not broken it doesn’t need to be updated. However, your old thermostat may be costing you both money and comfort as you manually adjust it to keep your home at your desired temperature. A programmable thermostat can not only result in energy savings but it also can extend the life of your air conditioner or heating system by reducing overuse.

How a Programmable Thermostat Saves Money

A change in temperature settings can increase or decrease your energy usage by about 1 percent per degree of change if that adjustment is maintained for an eight-hour period or longer. Adjusting your thermostat randomly and forgetting about it could lead to much higher energy usage and utility bills. However, replacing that old unit with a programmable one can provide you with more precise control even when you make extreme changes. Most programmable units are equipped with an override function that allows for a brief adjustment. However, programming kicks back in after a designated period, saving the day even if you forgot the adjustment.

In principle, these potential savings sound great. But to maximize your energy savings, it’s helpful to follow the recommendations of energy experts as you program your unit:

  • Start the day with a comfortable but not extreme setting.
  • Adjust down 8 degrees or up 7 degrees for daytime comfort control while you are away from home.
  • Return to your starting setting for the evening.
  • Adjust down 8 degrees or up 4 degrees for overnight comfort management.

The timing and amount of change can be adjusted based on your personal comfort interests and daily activities. The implementation of these settings is easy with a programmable system control, and you may be surprised at how much more stable your home’s temperatures are with this approach to comfort management.

Reduce Stress on Your System

Overuse of your equipment can result in greater wear and tear, leading to a shorter system life. By being more deliberate in your temperature settings and changes, you can limit your need for excessive operation of the equipment. Some people mistakenly assume that shutting the equipment off while they are out of the house will save a great deal of energy. However, the energy loss during the day can result in the need for ongoing system operation later. Your equipment can suffer as it attempts to compensate for a day’s inactivity. This may lead to the early failure of your equipment, and it could result in much higher energy bills.

More Access with Wireless Controls

The most advanced programmable thermostats are those with wireless connectivity, enabling homeowners to make adjustments from practically any location. Smartphone and computer apps allow distant programming, enabling you to make adjustments as you return to your Columbus, Georgia, home from vacation or from a business trip. You can enjoy better comfort and greater energy savings while keeping track of your system’s performance with the latest technology.

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