May 05 2016

Of all the spring cleaning chores homeowners have to complete, maintaining the air conditioner always seems to be the last thing to get done – until it’s too late and you’re fully exposed to the humid heat in Columbus, Georgia. To ensure you avoid an expensive air conditioning repair this summer, maintain your AC this spring by doing the following three tasks.

Change Your Air Filter

If your air filter is dirty or damaged, you should change it immediately. Otherwise, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you change it once a month. If any of the following apply, it’s especially important that you monitor your AC filter’s condition and change it often.

  • There are pets in your home, which means more pet dander.
  • You have a large family, which means more activity, dust and debris.
  • You smoke inside your home.
  • There are busy streets nearby, which also leads to more dust and debris.

Vacuum Around All the Vents

Much like changing your AC filter, this is another simple task any homeowner can complete without the help of an HVAC professional. Also remember to check to ensure each vent is open, allowing air to flow freely through the system.

Invest in Preventive Air Conditioning Service

The best way to prepare your AC for the summer is to entrust your system with a reliable HVAC contractor. A preventive maintenance agreement comes with many benefits, including enhanced comfort, extended equipment life, and lower repair and energy costs. Here are some other benefits to keep in mind when investing in one.

  • Regular routine maintenance
  • Discounts on parts and labor
  • No overtime charges
  • Priority scheduling

If you’d like to know more about how to optimize your air conditioner’s operation, or if you’re in need of an air conditioning repair or immediate air conditioning service, consider the great benefits of becoming a member of our maintenance agreement club or contact us at 706-561-6718.