Mar 04 2016

Nearly all Georgia residences use some type of heating and cooling equipment to address their comfort needs during the year. Unfortunately, HVAC equipment does have a limited lifespan before wearing out. Even with great maintenance, parts can fail at inconvenient times. However, an HVAC company that offers emergency service on a 24/7 basis can be a huge help at these moments.

Troubleshoot Before You Schedule

The first step in dealing with a system emergency is to identify whether there is a simple explanation for the problem. In some cases, the matter can be cleared up quickly with just the flip of a switch or the click of a button. The following are some key areas to inspect if your central HVAC equipment is acting up:

  • Thermostat – an incorrect setting or weak battery could cause a system to blow air of the wrong temperature or to not operate at all. Check settings and batteries.
  • Power issues – a tripped electrical switch can prevent a system from operating. If you find this to be the case, re-set the switch. If the switch trips again, you might need professional assistance with your HVAC equipment.
  • No gas – when a furnace fails to operate, it might be a sign of a gas outage. Check another appliance to see if the issue is specific to the furnace.
  • Dirty filter – a clogged air filter can interfere with airflow and temperature levels, which can affect both heating and cooling equipment. Check to see if you need to make a change, and try operating your system after a needed replacement has been made.

A plan for routine HVAC maintenance can avert many emergency HVAC repairs by simply ensuring that all parts are in good working condition prior to the heating and cooling seasons.

Contact an HVAC Expert

At Watley Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer emergency HVAC repairs on a 24-hour basis, which ensures that you can get the help you need promptly. Our team is ready to move into action as needed. Learn more about our emergency services so that you are ready before an issue arises, or call our office at 706-561-6718 for emergency HVAC support right away.